During August all Discipleship Teams will come together at church to be trained in different areas to help us grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus. Register here.

When: Wednesday 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd August

Where: Camberwell South Anglican Church

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

The night will start with an apologetic talk. The topics will be:

Wednesday 1st August: How can I know the Bible is God’s word?

Wednesday 8th August: Why can’t I go to heaven if I’m a good person?

Wednesday 15th August: Why is there suffering if God is love?

Wednesday 22nd August: How can I be sure that Jesus rose from the dead?


Following the apologetic talks we will break into different groups. These are the courses available.

A course for those investigating Christianity

1. Life Explored: A course to investigate Christianity – David S with Valerie

What’s the best gift God could give you?
What we desire most in life determines our dispositions, decisions and ultimately destinies. In Life Explored we will uncover what we live for and how Jesus meets our deepest desire for happiness.


Foundational courses for all Christians: 

Please note: courses should be completed consecutively
2. Sharing the Gospel: 2 Ways to Live – Jason with Jill

Learn how to use Two Ways to Live to present the gospel faithfully, without jargon and with diagrams!


3. Loving God’s Church – CSAC: 6 Steps to Loving your Church – Luke with Leanne

This course will help you change your whole mindset about church—to learn that ‘loving’ your church doesn’t just mean enjoying it or liking it, but loving the people who are the church by ministering to them in whatever way you can.


4. Strand 1: Reading the New Testament and Exegesis – Bryn with Kate AND David H with Yu

A course to help you learn how to read any passage in the New Testament faithfully.


5. Old Testament Overview – Darren with Andy

Have you ever tried to read the Old Testament and been confused? For me, one of the most satisfying moments in my life and in my walk with Jesus was the day when I finally felt comfortable reading the Old Testament. Doing a series of studies on the Old Testament did that for me. And that’s the goal of this course: to give you confidence – and not just confidence but pure joy – in getting to know our God, the God of the Bible better.

(No prior knowledge or experience is assumed or required – and food will be provided because it’s biblical)


6. Discipleship: Reading the Bible one on one – Dan with Vicky

Reading the bible one to one with someone… What is it? Why would you do it? Come along and be equipped!

Advanced courses for all Christians*

*All foundational courses must be completed before an advanced course can be chosen
7. Guidance: discerning God’s will for your life – Jonathan with Cassie

Understanding who God is, what he wants and what he promises to discern his will for your life.


8. Workplace Evangelism: how to share the gospel with your colleagues – Greg with Emma

This course will train you in evangelism and provide practical ideas for you to share the gospel with your colleagues.


Places are limited. So please register here your interest in which course you would like to attend.