Discipleship Teams

Our church’s mission is to make, mature and mobilise disciples of Jesus Christ from every nation. One of the ways we can do this together is by being part of a Discipleship Team. You may have called these bible study or small groups in the past. What we love about Discipleship Teams is that as we sit under God’s word, pray for each other, encourage, spur and build each other up, we can grow in maturity as disciples of Jesus together. So, as team members of a Discipleship TEAM, we are all in it together We do not participate passively, but actively. So when a team member is down, we rally behind them. When a team member struggles, we all share their struggles. When a team member rejoices, we rejoice with them, for we belong to the same team! So, why not come along on Sunday and speak to David Shannon about joining a Discipleship Team today.

Discipleship teams meet in a number of locations on different nights: 

Monday night – Vermont (led by David Shannon)

Tuesday night – Oakleigh East (led by Luke Pedersen)

Thursday night – Glen/Mount Waverley (led by Jason Ling)

Friday night – Camberwell (led by Joseph Teo, Dan Kong, Darren Hindle, Alan Mak & Dave Shannon)

Saturday dinner fortnightly (with creche) – at Church (led by Joseph Teo)

Please let David Shannon know if you’re interested in joining a team