The following are some worthwhile articles to read to gain a better understand of the marriage debate:


Summary of views

The Melbourne Anglican has published a summary of the major views on both sides of the debate.


Biblical Marriage Overview

The next article is a good overview of God’s pattern of marriage, and why it is always best. It also addresses the question of what a change in the definition of marriage will mean for what we think about raising children. We know that because of tragedy (death, divorce etc), children are sometimes left without both biological parents to raise them. But formally to adopt a form of ‘family’ where we deliberately remove children from the option of being with their biological parents (as must be the case when a same-sex couple raises a child) is seriously to deprive children. Some of the best and latest research on the impact of same sex marriage on children is referred to in this article.

Defending Classing Marriage (Sandy Grant, Wollongong Anglican)


The question about equality


Not all Equality Is Equal (David Ould, Sydney Anglican)


The impact in other countries


What’s Changed in Britain Since Same Sex Marriage (David Sergeant, The Spectator Australia)

In the U.S. there have now been several cases where business people are being pursued through the courts because they will not decorate a cake, do flower arrangements or make a video production of a gay wedding, or print t-shirts with same-sex slogans. This article is about 4 of them. An interview with them is shown in a 50 minute video towards the end of this article. They are the human-face in the fight for religious liberty and freedom of conscience which are now at serious risk in ‘the land of the free’ following the push for and legalisation of same sex marriage.

They serve Gay Clients all the time. So Why Won’t They Cater for a Same Sex Wedding? (Josh Shepherd)


In this 12 minute video, recorded just one week ago, John Anderson, Former deputy Prime Minister, outlines the reasons why he will be voting ‘no’. Though a Christian, his concerns here are for what he believes will simply be the result for our culture and our nation, if marriage is redefined as proposed. He is concerned that our governments do not have the will or the ability to safeguard freedom of speech and conscience which are basic to life in a democracy.

John Anderson is voting ‘no’


The impact on children


Think legalizing gay marriage will help kids with LGBT parents? Think again. (Katy Faust)


Medical critique of the AMA position statement on Marriage Equality marriage-equality.pdf


Is saying ‘no’ being racist?

2000 Australian doctors have signed up to a poorly written statement arguing that opposition to same-sex marriage is parallelled to racism. In this article, West Australian pastor Stephen McAlpine shows the folly of this argument, and outlines some of the likely results if same sex marriage becomes law in Australia.

When Your Doctor Diagnoses You as Racist (Stephen McAlpine)

Pastor David Huynh

Pastor David Huynh

Senior Minister