I think that it’s rare to come across a book that you would actually read more than once. Most books we read once (or halfway through) get the point and then we store the book or send it off to the Salvos.

But some books are the exception. Some books we come back to, a few years down the track and think “I need to read that again”. You Can Change is that kind of exceptional book.

I remember this book coming to me as a gift for my baptism. My old church gifted it to me and it was an excellent choice.

The first time reading it reinforced one of the big things that I was taught as a young Christian: you never stop growing. God will keep on revealing sin in different parts of our lives – not at all to punish us – but because He loves us enough to change us.

Now 8 years into my journey following Jesus, I am reading the book again. Not because nothing has changed – I am immensely thankful to our God and His people for what He has done over the last 8 years – but because there always is more good work to do in our hearts. This time round I am reading it with a brother at CSAC and it is helping both of us to cherish the truth that we need to change and that with Jesus’ help we can change.