Are you dating? Thinking about getting married? Have you been married for a while? Or are you just wondering what the whole relationships thing is all about?

If yes, then this is just the book for you.

Christopher Ash unpacks what the Bible says about marriage, children, sex, intimacy, singleness and more. He does so with grace and years of pastoral experience plus the experience from being a husband to Carolyn and a father of three sons and a daughter.

One of the things that I (Darren) love about this book is how Chris keeps pulling us to the ‘why’ for all of the questions above. This is really helpful – as he explains, “It is good to start with the ‘Why?’ questions. If we get our aim clear, then we shall see why marriage has to be what it is, and we will be well placed to see how to build a strong marriage.”

Because I grew up without God’s guidance, good books like this are always so refreshing from the advice that bombards us day after day. Even when it comes from well-intentioned friends or family, having godly guidance is much better.

And if you grew up in a Christian home this book is a great help too. The bombardment of unhelpful messages is inescapable in every day of life. As Chris puts it, “Sex shouts at us in every movie, bus and poster, and from every shelf of the station bookstall.” Can you imagine eating Maccas for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day? Except on Sunday mornings? What would you start to look like after a month? Or worse, a year? That is probably a fair description of what a lot of Christians do when it comes to relationships and marriage. A week of absorbing junk and then a small dose of the good book on Sunday. And the bitter fruit of this comes out in our friendships and families. It does not have to be that way. What we choose to listen to moulds who we are. Books like Married for God matter.


Again and again, I hear from both married and unmarried Christians the need to be reminded of this good guidance. Simply being a Christian, married or unmarried, is hard work. And it is books like this that remind us that yes, God’s way is plausible, it does have a good purpose and He does want exactly what is best for us – even when the going is lonely, tiring and tough.

A special strength of this book is that every chapter has true stories and has questions for discussion. If you are reading this book with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your husband/wife here lies a golden opportunity. The stories and the questions are so helpful in putting into practice the key questions “How does God want us to serve him together in our marriage? How can our motto become sex in the service of God?”

Veronica and I found CSAC’s Real Relationships course a great help to us in dating and it is helping us prepare for getting married this year. That course is based on this book. We warmly recommend making the investment in buying the book and hope that helps you in living for Jesus.

Darren Hindle

Parishioner of Camberwell South Anglican Church